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We don’t want to get injured. We’re out of their league to begin with…Why go so far?Um…what? Huh?? I don’t know what you mean. But…we haven’t lost yet.

We don’t want to get injured. We’re out of their league to begin with…Why go so far?
Um…what? Huh?? I don’t know what you mean. But…we haven’t lost yet.


sighs @ own self


PMMM Rebellion Story: The First Nightmare (1/2)


Some collages I made along with a speech bubble


Dear Dotty.


theres nothing i could do to save this shityt  4edgy8u drawing i should not have attempted this concept its 1 am








Salutations, Tumblr. My name is Charles Edward, but you can call me Ched. I am 12 years old but I’m more mature than most adults I know. You won’t find me smoking drugs, at the mall, or partying with the garden variety of unintelligent life forms I call my generation. I am a connoisseur of finer things. I write. I read. I game. I am only myself and I refuse to change. My favorite films were made without CGI imagery and my favorite books have nothing to do with vampires who aren’t named Dracula. My favorite historical figures are ones usually designated as villains, outcasts. Intimidated? Don’t be. In order to make approaching someone of such intense levels of class easier, I’m posting this “selfie” so you can meet the man — and yes, I consider myself one at the tender young age of 12 — behind the proverbial mask. Note my “chill” pose and assured expression. Surely, this is a man who you can engage in intellectual discourse with. Send me an ask or two, if you think you’re on my level. I won’t bite. That is, unless you prove yourself to be part of the unintelligible masses, as so many have. If you do, prepare to be served can of whoopass unlike any you’ve ever tasted. I only use organic ingredients.

Please tell me this is a joke

A joke? I joke about a lot of things. The state of humanity. Fanartists. Star Trek fans. People who think Bobby Flay is overrated and shouldn’t have been an Iron Chef. But I never joke about who I am. This is me, and if that offends you, well, maybe make a visit to Weenie Hut General. Or better yet, actually watch an episode of SpongeBob SquarePants instead of that Adventure Time drivel, and learn what I’m referencing.

A. Fuck off kid fan arts great B. Fuck off kid startreks great C.YOU’RE SUGGESTING SPONGE BOB WTF
Also, if this isn’t a joke I (I hope it is) your coming off as a condensing ass :D hoooooopppeeee you knoooow xD

Oh, fiddlesticks! It seems I’ve angered yet another plebeian. It’s entirely my fault, I assure you. I seem to have a hard time deactivating my swagger. Here, let me adjust my pose to make it more chill. Hopefully my extremely relaxed pose will put you at ease, young lamb.

I apologize for the language my friend hacked my account (not saying I disagree with her completely but eh) looking though your blog your pretty funny and seem like a decent human being I apologize 0-0

Aha! All is well, dear. I hold no grudge. I’m known for my magnanimity; a trait uncommon among people my age. Here, have another glimpse upon my pulchritudinous visage for your trouble.



by Fabio Baroli, 2009


what do you mean this didn’t happen in canon

let’s be real, if evangelion existed in that anime onoda would compare it


2011 / gakuran ten / 綴りを間違えた…



Director:Ivan Ivanov-Vano



Today, my first time with Daddy



Today, my first time with Daddy