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The Department Of Grantaire Studies


There is a lot, a LOT, of really really good Grantaire meta out there. Seriously, it’s brilliant, and this is my attempt to get it all in one place, and semi-categorised.

I’ve done my best to credit all the authors for each thing, but Tumblr being Tumblr I may have got it wrong in places. Please tell me if I did! (…also tell me if you don’t want your meta linked here, for whatever reason)

Grantaire’s cynicism/nihilism
Grantaire and Diogenes (gauzythreads)
Grantaire is not a cynic (yourstudentloandebt, punforrestpun, robertawickham)
"He sneered at devotion in all parties" (plinytheyounger)
Hugo sets Grantaire up for failure (nothing-rhymes-with-grantaire)

Regarding ‘R’
The obsolete word hère (okiswonderful)
R for refusé (punforrestpun)
Revolution, Romanticism and Robespierre (lecapunk)

Grantaire and mental illness/neuroatypicality
A conversation about Grantaire, depression and ADHD (nothing-rhymes-with-grantaire, chain-of-prospit)
Grantaire and processing thoughts (nothing-rhymes-with-grantaire)
Grantaire’s perception of himself (gauzythreads)
Grantaire and ADHD (nothing-rhymes-with-grantaire)
Grantaire, art style and depression (gauzythreads, pilferingapples, kingmundsroyalmurder) [I’m missing the first part of this conversation, anyone got it?]
Speculating on how depression affects Grantaire (nothing-rhymes-with-grantaire)
Grantaire and hypochrondria (yourpontmercyfriend, nothing-rhymes-with-grantaire, barricadeur) added 16/2/14

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episode 40 is so fucked upthis entire show is fucked upjust…


episode 40 is so fucked up
this entire show is fucked up



EXCERPTS >|< The Singles Collection

Soviet Film Agency | Experiments in the revival of organisms (1940)

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Dem Guts Swimsuit


Dem Guts Swimsuit



ok so, reasons to love grantaire beyond his incredible aptitude for not putting down bottles, his contrary bickering, and his usual bit where he storms out of some cafe after enjolras is a Super Big Meanie (seriously how often does that happen. all the time. it happens all the time.)
but enough with the tangents, onwards…
  • he is a dancer, a boxer, a gymnast, a fencer and an all round talented guy like wowza i wish i was half as good at life as this dude i can barely throw a ball right
  • knows all the best places for everything in Paris, i’d imagine a night/day out with grantaire would be the best fucking fun.. you’d be quite spoilt
  • takes care to believe in nothing (this is an aspect of his character and not a side effect of his relationship with enjolras yeah? woo ok)
  • hugo says beauty comes from love, and that love creates beauty. therefore grantaire is ugly because he is not exposed to love. y’know.. if you wanna look at it that way
  • is a sarcastic little shit
  • seriously, its beautiful
  • that rapier sharp wit
  • has the most eloquent mother trucking speech whilst drunk like seriously who else can imbibe that much alcohol and still spout articulate orations what a boss
  • also sometimes has arguments with himself…
  • he has some pretty freaking great quotes, enjoy
  • "life is a hideous invention by somebody i don’t know"
  • "gentlemen of the human race, i say to hell with the lot of you"
  • "it is a shame that i am ignorant, otherwise i would quote you a mass of things; but i know nothing"
  • "i have always been witty"
  • "gentlemen, my father always detested me because I could not understand mathematics"
  • "Aigle de Meaux, down with your paws"
  • "and as for me, although I am hardly a legist, and at the most, an amateur attorney"
  • "who has unhooked the stars without my permission to put them on the table in the shape of candles?"
  • "don’t talk about monks, it makes me want to scratch"
  • and perhaps my favourite, ‘he displeased these young dreamers by humming incessantly’
this has been a Grantaire appreciation post, thank you and good night

We don’t want to get injured. We’re out of their league to begin with…Why go so far?Um…what? Huh?? I don’t know what you mean. But…we haven’t lost yet.

We don’t want to get injured. We’re out of their league to begin with…Why go so far?
Um…what? Huh?? I don’t know what you mean. But…we haven’t lost yet.


sighs @ own self


PMMM Rebellion Story: The First Nightmare (1/2)